Welcome to Casa de la Gringa

Casa de la Gringa is situated in the picturesque artistic area of San Blas, which is a 3 minute walk from the main plaza de armas.

The magic of this Casa, is reflected in each guests face, as they enter. The casa has an interesting history, once being a Franciscan home for monks. There are tunnels below...sorry, no underground adventures! And a mummy was found in one of the walls.

San Blas is peaceful , has no traffic, and each little street is a photographers dream.

The casa has free wi fi access for laptops, and a computor with internet access for guests. We also have cable tv, dvd and cd players.

Casa de la Gringa is well known for its relaxed, easy atmosphere, and always amazing people find their way here.

Each room is individually decorated, lots of art, colour and character.

We have really hot water, 24 hours, and heaters in the main 2 lounges.

We also have a small patio, surrounded by San pedro cactus, which we also use for healing.

The staff of Casa de la Gringa, are all wonderful human beings, very friendly, happy, helpful and loved.

Nohemi has been looking after lesley and the casa and all in it, since 1998, and is loved by everyone who stays here. the head angel of the casa!

Marilu has the biggest smile of all, is always happy and laughing whilst running around working non stop it seems!

Valeria is back from Argentina! thanks universe! Vale is for sure, another angel that the universe decided should help lesley in her mission in life......lucky me!!

Rose, from England, always willing, smiling friendly and helpful

Marcel, from Lima, probably the best looking doorman in Cusco...plus extremely helpful adventurous and fun.